Help Success – How to measure it


Unlike companies believe dollars, nonprofits have other, more diverse, resulting in determining success. Your goal is not to return profits but to deliver results. You have an obligation to your funders and to society as a whole to fulfill the mission. Financial health, and in most cases are stable growth necessary to the health of the company. The way you measure the growth is as unique as your company.

To realize the vision you may need to increase the budget, serve more customers, improve service, hire more staff or buying property. You may need more volunteers or more public awareness. Any of these are valid indicators of success if they take you closer to your vision. There is a real measure of success; how close you are to realize your vision

To achieve the vision includes clearly defined goals, lots of work and at least a little synchronicity -. the magic of things that come together to produce results out of your hopes or imagination. But you do not have to leave it to fate, the first duty is to define and share the vision and the second is to run a music company dedicated to achieve the vision.

Create the appropriate measurement tools is not as difficult as it sounds. First, know your vision. If it is not clear, work it out. A vision is a broad statement – the perfect conditions for your work. Your vision can “no family is homeless” or “there is a cure for pancreatic cancer” or “all the children in the community have access to the list.”

Next, place the task. You may already have orders. Be sure that there is a practical guide that tells how you are working to achieve your vision now. If your vision is not homelessness in the county, your task may be to provide housing and support services for the homeless. If vision is the art for all children task may be to provide free art instruction and field trips to art museums.

Once the project has been defined you are ready to create goals. Each goal should be directly related to the mission.

Finally (!) You’re ready for measurement. Each of your goals should one or more measurement that makes it possible for you to know how well you’re doing

Let’s take an example, in simplified form, all the way through :.

1. You have created a setup for your concern for children in foster care.

2. Sight :. All children in foster care have a safe, consistent place to go regardless of their location in a private or group home

3. task is :. To provide a place for all children in foster care in the county visit our regularly

4. The goals are:

  • To find the structure to be used for visits.
  • to recruit and train volunteers.
  • to organize the children for regular weekly meetings.
  • To ensure funds to support the center.

5. Each of these goals can be broken down and measured. For example, to recruit and train volunteers goals could be

a. To hire 60 new volunteers in the next six months. Measurement: 10 volunteers a month

b. To develop training. Measurement: Write a rough draft of April 10

c. To hold monthly training sessions for volunteers. Measurement :. The agenda of the first meeting of the 30 volunteers in May

In short, you are ready to measure success when you’ve dreamed vision problems, said the mission and goals. Be sure that each team has a goalkeeper – someone should have a responsibility to keep track; know where you stand will keep you moving ahead. Keep stretch. If you find that you are easily achieve your goals, put the bar a little higher. And do not forget to celebrate your success!


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