How to Choose a Great name for a non-profit organization


What’s in a name? Everything.

choose a name for your business can be difficult. Why? Due to the great name be

o be simple or be memorable or state what the organization does or encourage recipients or offer donations

Most organizations choose a name that is too long. The longer the name, the harder it is to remember. Invariably, community shortened name. The Eudorianese Health Care Center for Women “will be known as the” Women’s Clinic. “The longer name states decide what the organization does, but shorter version also. Imagining how society may be reduced to the name you are considering should help you choose one that is simple and direct.

Clinic Women is a great name. It is encouraging beneficiaries (women) and say that this organization is squarely focused on women’s health. The name is simple, easy to remember and potential donors (and society) can easily recognize the purpose.

I I talked to several people who have had great ideas for non-profit organizations. Their vision and mission was wonderful, but the name they had chosen for the organization not fit their purpose. Some names were really depressing. I urged them to choose another. Names carrying negative overtone are uninspiring beneficiaries and potential donors.

Before you incorporate, check with your state to ensure that you have selected is not in use. Most states have a website. You should be able on the official website of your state by typing “state of _______.” Usually, information on non-profit organizations will be in the business district section.


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