How To Promote help fundraising event


Have you been selected to present a nonprofit fundraising event for your organization? Here’s the plan of attack, which should help you to ensure the success of

To begin with, start early! started just as soon as you know that the fund raising event is going to happen.

first challenge is to find a newsworthy angle for the event and write a compelling press release.

Can you find local celebrities who will agree to make an appearance?

can you see some of the political leaders of the town?

How about managers every bank in town?

Are the funds raised going to a specific project that interested community?

Have you come up with a new twist on the old fundraising idea that will capture the imagination?

Can you create a “circus atmosphere” for this event

Once you have settled on the corner – or two – start working on ideas for the title. Remember, it is never about you, or your group. It is always about the person you are trying to lure the event.

function headline to arouse their interest and curiosity, so the editor printed out and people will read it. However, do not be upset if the paper decides to change the title when they run the story. It happens.

The rest of the issue needs to focus on the benefits of participation as well. You can talk about your group and how money will be spent, but make sure that it displays as positive achievements rather than “We want, we need.”

When written, sent a press release to every newspaper, radio station, television and online news services are available in your area.

Again, do not be too upset if the story changes. If they change the meaning, call up and try to correct the error. One man of his newspaper and they think they are doing you a favor. I’ve had editors completely destroy the story after I spent time getting every word just right, so I know how it is!

In a few days, think about a new twist or increased service, and do it all over again! Keep doing it until the event. Make sure the title shows that you have added something new.

Secondly, if this is a small town event or one that is focused on a specific district, get flyers printed and distributed. Show them where you can -. To be sure to get permission for the publication of companies, please

Third, write letters to influential people who could attend, and ask them to bring their friends.

Fourth ensure that all members of the company is informed. Members who do not attend the meeting no matter, so get them involved by spreading the word. Touched by other organizations supporting your cause too. Ask for their help and promise to help them in return.

fifth start e-mail campaign. Write a compelling letter to your asking him or her to come to the event, and enthusiastically explain why it is going to be so much fun, such a great benefit to the cause, etc. When you write it to a friend Your words flow natural and carry higher interest. (But not proofread it, and re-arrange sentences if necessary!) Be sure to end the letter with a request to meet with a letter. Come right out and say you want everyone in town to know about and attend events.

Last call the appropriate editors of the newspaper and ask them to attend, and bring their cameras, so that this year’s event can contribute next year. Bring your own camera as well, and enjoy the event. You’ve done your work and now is the time to join in the fun.


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