Non Profit Organization – Basic understanding of the overview of the activities


shows the income and expenses statement situation may look like a profit, but with some differences.

One of the differences is the fact that a non-profit is profit or loss. Non-profit organizations are not in the business with the aim to profit, but to fulfill the plan, task. Reflecting that, Statement of Position introduces “Change in net assets” that could be positive as revenues are greater than expenses, and negative when the opposite is true. Interestingly, at the end of this statement usually shows the beginning net asset and endpoint

It is common that this statement be included as an array of income and expenses items and three columns labeled :. Unlimited temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted- all typical of the non-profit sector. A revenue is not only income, it has to be classified as unrestricted, temporarily restricted or permanently enshrined in the Declaration activities.

Generally all expenses are shown as unrestricted- first column in a report. It is peculiar rule for non-profit in FA SB 117- reporting not-for-profit organizations .

Another difference between the statement of position and profit or loss of spending usually together with area- management & general, programs and fundraising. The item for rent, utilities, and wages are not shown separately. If you want to see every single expense, you should look for another financial statement, statement of functional expenses

We still have one significant difference when comparing this statement with a statement :. “. The net assets of the” It’s set out in the income section and is usually an increase in unrestricted column and decrease temporarily closed column. Search over this line item should always add up to zero. For example, if you see $ 1,000 in the line item increase unlimited column, then you will most likely see <$1,000> – minus thousand -in the same line under a temporary restrictions column. Then the result is zero. You can think of this after the internal adjusting device system

Examples format of this statement follows :.

– ABC organization

– Statement of Activities On 6/30 / 20XX

[Columns] Unlimited / Temporary Restricted / Permanently Restricted / Total


– Contributions

– Net assets Out

Total Revenue



– Program A

– Program B

– Command and General Fundraising

Total Expenses

– Change in net assets

– net assets at the beginning of the year

– Net assets at the end of


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